Breastfeeding Tips In Audience

In the past, mothers breastfeed with breast milk is still plagued by feelings of shame for breastfeeding in public. Often parents panic when locating the safest little cry wants to breastfeed. As a result, the mother and baby to be uncomfortable having to 'steal' breast-feeding in public.
But now the situation is significantly reduced due to the many mothers who breastfeed have more confidence and pride in feeding with breast milk even in public places. Any mother still maintaining dignity without having to show what the audience should not even are breastfeeding. With a wide array of accessories designed specifically for nursing mothers to breastfeed in public task becomes easier without problems.

For new mothers who are still awkward, made ​​the following tips as a morale booster for your continued breastfeeding breast milk everywhere at anytime.

1 Confident self

Do not hesitate to do next feeding audiences. Think that you want to give the best to your baby.

2 Focus

You should focus on the natural goodness of milk. Feelings of embarrassment and distress will affect the smooth flow of breast milk.

3 Location

Find a place that not too many people to do the feeding. When breastfeeding, expect a quiet baby.

4 Specific clothing

Put clothes breastfeeding and using cloth poncho or bracket when menyususkan baby.

5 Help

If you do not have the fabric or clothing breastfeeding, a husband or a third party may be a 'wall' when breastfeeding while traveling. Prayer or changing rooms are alternative places to breastfeed if the venue does not provide facilities for breastfeeding mothers and babies.

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