Benefits of Cauliflowers

When pregnant, the mother's appetite will also change. If used to love to eat spicy food, pregnant women now more tasteful dishes that are not spicy touch. Keeping feeds the important steps that should be preferred by pregnant women.
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Due to morning sickness which causes loss of appetite so most discussions. However do not ignore the need of nutrients needed to help the developing fetus in the womb with councilors.

If pharynx should not receive any food, what words enter cauliflowers in your menu list. It is his deep interest exquisite cabbage eaten during pregnancy because has various benefits for mothers and babies in the womb. Which are as follows:

Good for heart

Cauliflowers help improve heart and cardiovascular system. With the practice of funeral flower cabbage, blood will pump double once the uterus without disturbing the heart.

The formation of the placenta

Cauliflowers helped the formation of the placenta is rich with folic. Folate itself gives efficacy to the baby and its development.

Iron absorption

Female Purposes iron increased when she got pregnant. Iron content in the cauliflower to help expedite the process and reduce the risk of birth low weight babies

Purposes of calcium

When your body lacks calcium, the calcium needs of the baby will be taken from your bones. This is very dangerous. By the glory, eat cauliflowers which are the best sources of calcium.

Rich in niacin

Cauliflower also contains niacin which substances that help develop the baby's skin, the nervous system and digestive baby.

Developing cells

The content of vitamin A and B are present in cauliflowers help develop the baby's body cells.

Rich in vitamin C

He also rich in vitamin C which is indispensable for the formation of the body's immune system. Babies will be much more active and councilors when sufficient vitamin C needs.

Vitamin K

Flowers cabbage also increases the formation of cells in the bone is very beneficial for pregnant women. The formation is assisted by the presence of vitamin K than making cauliflowers.

Sources of minerals

Cauliflower is rich in zinc, manganese, sodium and phosphorus. Full source required by pregnant women.

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